Issue - decisions

Change Programme

28/07/2010 - Review of the Strategic Change Programme

Further to minute  (24/6/10) the deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services presented a report summarising the findings and recommendations of a review of the Strategic Change Programme.


Resolved: That


(1)  the recommendations of the review as set out in section 4 of the report be agreed;


(2)  a Strategic Change Programme Board be established, comprising the Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, the Chief Executive, and the Lead Chief Officer for the Programme;


(3)  the Director of Technical Services undertakes the role of Lead Chief Officer;


(4)  the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Programme Board, be given delegated authority to take all decisions relating to the Strategic Change Programme, including those relating to staffing and resourcing (so far as such decisions are not contrary to the Council’s budget); and


(5)  a Strategic Change Programme office be established under the control of the Lead Chief Officer comprising existing staff relocated and/or seconded on a time limited basis with specialist assistance as outlined in para 4.6 funded initially from the Council’s Efficiency Fund.