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Preferred builder protocol

22/10/2008 - Private Sector Housing and Regeneration Assistance - Preferred Builder Protocol

The Director of Regeneration presented a report which requested Cabinet to adopt a preferred builder protocol in connection with the improvement and repair of owner occupied homes under the Private Sector Housing and Regeneration Assistance Policy which was approved by Cabinet on the 3rd April 2008 (Minute 581). The proposed protocol would eventually restrict applicants for Equity Renewal Loans and Home Repair Assistance Loans to the employment of contractors registered with the Wirral Traders Scheme operated by the Regeneration Department’s Trading Standards Team or otherwise the employment of contractors from outside Wirral , approved by that team.


Resolved – That


(1)  the adoption of the preferred builder protocol be agreed which will restrict the approval of Home Repair Assistance and Equity Renewal Loan Applications by home owners who employ builders or building service contractors registered with the Regeneration Department Trading Standards Wirral Traders Scheme or if based outside Wirral, the employment of contractors approved by the Trading Standards Team;


(2)  the Wirral Trader Scheme’s Code of Practice and Guidance documents be amended to accommodate applications and Scheme membership for any business service providers and contractors, trading or intending to do business within the Wirral Council Boundary.


(3)  the Director of Regeneration be authorised to select an implementation date.