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Local Development Framework - Green Infrastructure Strategy

21/01/2011 - Local Development Framework for Wirral - Evidence Base - Appointment of Consultants to Carry Out a Green Infrastructure Strategy

A report by the Interim Director of Corporate Services sought the Cabinet’s approval to commission external consultants to carry out a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Wirral, funded to a maximum cost of £50,000. 


The Cabinet was advised that the Strategy was necessary to comply with the conditions of the designation of the Mersey Heartlands New Growth Point; to provide robust evidence base for the preparation of the Core Strategy Development Plan Document; and to inform future site-specific land allocations. External consultants were required because of the specialist nature of the commission.  The Strategy would assess the existing range and function of green infrastructure within the Borough. It would advise on the protection and enhancement of key environmental assets and identify where new Green Infrastructure was needed to deliver a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits including climate change adaptation and mitigation; drainage and flood management; quality of place; health and wellbeing; biodiversity; recreation, tourism and leisure; walking and cycling; and attractiveness for future investment.




That the commissioning of a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Wirral, on the terms set out in this report, be agreed.