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Pothole Funding

06/09/2011 - Pothole Funding

A report of the Director of Technical Services advised Members of the additional funding allocated to Local Authorities by the Department for Transport (DfT) for repairing winter potholes, identified following an inspection.


The amount of grant available to Wirral was £625,931.  The Cabinet at its meeting on 2 June 2011 had considered a ‘Government Grants 2011/12’ report (Minute. No. 11 refers) and had recommended that Technical Services budget 2011/12 be increased by £625,931 with this matched by grant income.  A requirement of the DfT was that this additional expenditure should be detailed on the Council’s website together with the original budget for highways maintenance and detail on how this additional expenditure had complemented the original expenditure plans.  A copy also had to be sent to the DfT.




(1)  the contents of this report be noted; and


(2)  the use of the DfT grant to repair those roads worst affected by the adverse winter weather conditions of November/December 2010 be approved.