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Street Lighting Central Management System Trial

06/09/2011 - Street Lighting Central Management System Trial

A report by the Director of Technical Services informed the Cabinet of the conclusions come to as a result of the Central Management System (CMS) Trial and sought its approval for the use of the System to be extended across the Street Lighting Stock in the manner described by the policy statement.  The report explained the energy saving potential of the Management System and the present situation regarding unmetered Street Lighting supplies and the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme.


It was recognised that dimming of lights would need careful consideration as not to disadvantage the various groups who required high levels of lighting on health and safety grounds.  However, the dynamic control offered by CMS would allow easy adjustments to be made to accommodate any special requirements.




That the adoption of the policy, to utilize the CMS and its facilities and extend its use across the street lighting stock, as set out in the report be approved.