Issue - decisions

Review of participatory budgeting pilots including 'You Decide' with proposals on future

24/03/2009 - Community Initiatives Fund and Participatory Budgeting pilots in area forums - evaluation and recommendations

The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services presented a review of the pilot process for allocating Community Initiatives Funds (CIF) via participatory budgeting. The pilots took place for Oxton Prenton and Bidston Claughton area forums. Findings indicated that this process was a viable way of allocating funding and it was recommended that, with some modifications and improvements, the pilot be extended and this method rolled out to other forum areas, with the option for forums to adopt different models of operation appropriate to the area.


The Cabinet Member for Community and Customer Engagement moved a recommendation, duly seconded, and it was –


Resolved - That


(1)  Cabinet recommends all Area Forums to adopt the participatory budgeting model for the purposes of allocating community initiatives fund;


(2)  Cabinet suggests Area Forums adopt the participatory model they believe best suits the circumstances within their localty;


(3)  the Area Forum Chairs Group be charged with co-ordinating and monitoring the models used for purposes of the identification and spreading of good practice; and


(4)  the participatory budgeting method of allocating CIF be branded as ‘Funds For You’


Cabinet were advised of the allocation of the ‘You Decide’ funding through area forums. It was recommended that Cabinet approve the allocation of £20,000 for extra council services as agreed with each area forum.


The Cabinet Member for Community and Customer Engagement indicated that a further report evaluating the pilot would be brought to a future Cabinet meeting.


Resolved: - That the allocation of spending in each area forum area be approved and officers take the necessary steps to implement these proposals.