Issue - decisions

Merseyside Waste Development Plan Document - Preferred Options


The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services reported that the Council was being asked to approve the content of a Draft Waste Development Preferred Options Report to be published for public consultation in February 2010, which identified sites that might become future allocations.  He submitted a report setting out his comments on the proposed preferred options in relation to Wirral, which included one site at Cammell Lairds and two existing sites at Wallasey Bridge Road, Bidston, as having potential for new built facilities to deal with waste transfer and recycling.  An agreed sub-regional Core Report was attached to explain the overall content of the proposed consultation document and to set out the recommendations to be considered by each of the partner Councils. The report to Cabinet, therefore, only concentrated on specific information related to Wirral.





(1)  Cabinet is pleased to note that this report does not contain any proposals for landfill on Wirral and believes that this is a reflection on the success and increasing levels of recycling that have been achieved in Wirral.


(2)  recommendations (i), (ii), (iii) and (v), set out in paragraph 11 of the Core Report attached to the Report, be approved;


(3)  recommendation (iv) set out in paragraph 11 of the Core Report attached to the Report be altered to read ‘that the Waste DPD team is authorised to make editorial changes to the Preferred Options Report as may be agreed and directed by the Councils; and’


(4)  the principle of funding the future stages in the preparation of the Waste DPD be approved, with any future funding subject to further approval of Cabinet, following a future report.