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Early Intervention Grants Contract Options

20/03/2012 - Early Intervention Grant Commissioning Plan and Arrangements for 2012/13

A report by the Acting Director for Children’s Services outlined the Early Intervention Grant (EIG) Commissioning Plan for 2012-13 and made recommendations for securing the delivery of services for a nine month period from 1 July 2012 – 31 March 2013 through negotiating with existing providers.  


Councillor J Green informed that it was imperative that the service users obtained the outcomes.  It was a sensible approach to bring contracts together and the Council needed to get better at commissioning.  It should apply the learning and best practice of the Children and Young People’s Department and Public Health to commissioning within its other service areas.




(1)  officers be requested to make necessary arrangements to extend, and, where necessary, amend contracts with effect 1 July 2012 to 31 March 2013; and


(2)  officers continue to monitor contract performance and negotiate accordingly.