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Budget Projections 2013-16

24/07/2012 - Budget Projections 2013/15

A report by the Head of Financial Services/Deputy S151 Officer informed Members of budget projections for 2013/15. 


Councillor Phil Davies told the Cabinet that it was clear that there was a budget challenge.  Members would look at budget options and would bring them forward with a consultation process in September 2012.  It would be necessary to make significant in roads into the budget shortfall.  He drew attention to information contained in the report that the Office of National Statistic had released the mid-2010 estimated populations and the reduction for Wirral since the Census in 2001 was greater than for any other metropolitan or unitary authority.  During this budgeting period the 2011 Census information would be made available and would be incorporated into the grant distribution formulae.  Therefore, if the population reduction was confirmed, the reduction in grant receivable could be significant.




(1)  the Budget Projections 2013/15 be regularly reviewed; and


(2)  a further report be presented to the Cabinet on the implications for the Council’s Budget if, when the 2011 Census information becomes available, the position with receivable grant is not as bad as currently expected.

09/07/2012 - Budget Projections 2013-2015

A report by the Acting Chief Finance Officer presented the projected budget for 2013-15. The Chair informed that the reality of the situation was that the Council would have some very difficult decisions to make. It could not make the scale of reductions required without significantly changing the shape of the organisation.




That the budget projections 2013/15 be regularly reviewed.