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Public Health Developments 212/13

19/04/2012 - Public Health Developments 2012/2013

A report by the Director of Public Health provided the Cabinet with an overview of the key development areas which would be delivered through the Public Health Annual Plan for 2012-13.  The Cabinet was informed that currently accountability for the delivery of these activities lay within the National Health Service at the NHS Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral Cluster Board.  However, during 2012-13 public health reform means that increasingly the Council would need to be involved in the determination of future priorities for action, and would want to understand progress against the existing plan in order to be in a good position to take early decisions affecting delivery from April 2013 onwards. Members were advised that the Health and Social Care Act which enshrined these public health reforms was expected to receive Royal Assent before the Easter recess.


It was explained that the activities described in the report were those identified for the final year of the delivery of NHS Wirral’s Strategic Commissioning Plan, and for a number of other existing public health programmes.


It was noted that the Organisational Development Manager would co-ordinate training needs identified in respect of the public health function and ensure the training required was provided.




(1)  the Cabinet note and support the main developments planned for 2012-13 within the Public Health Annual Plan and their link to the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2012-13; and


(2)  Members identify areas where they would like further information or relevant training to enable them to  become familiar with the new areas of responsibility transferring under the Health and Social Care Bill to local authorities, the Organisational Development Manager to co-ordinate this and that the Director of Public Health be requested to make it available.