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Annual Governance Statement

09/07/2012 - Annual Governance Statement

A report by the Acting Chief Finance Officer informed the Cabinet that the preparation and publication of an Annual Governance Statement was necessary to meet the statutory requirement set out in the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 (amended 2006 and 2011).


The report explained the requirement for the Authority to produce the Annual Governance Statement declaring the degree to which it meets the Governance Framework.


An Appendix attached to the report set out the Annual Governance Statement for 2011/12 as agreed by the Audit and Risk Management Committee on 13 March 2012 and endorsed by the Improvement Board on 27 April 2012.


Councillor A. McLachlan indicated that she wished to amend the conclusion to include the following:


‘It should be noted that an Audit Commission report in the Public Interest has now been issued(June 2012) in relation to Highways and Engineering Services Procurement Exercise(HESPE) in which the District Auditor states:


‘I have identified a number of weaknesses in the Council’s arrangements to award and manage the HES contract. Whilst I have not identified any specific loss to public funds, the Council’s arrangements do not, in my view, demonstrate good governance and value for money are being secured from this contract’


A key task in 2012/13 is to ensure that we address the weaknesses identified by the District Auditor appropriately.




That subject to any material change to the control environment or corporate governance arrangements of the Council and the addition of the above statement proposed by Councillor McLachlan to the conclusion, the Annual Governance Statement for 2011/12 be appended to the Statement of Accounts 2011/12.