Issue - decisions

Review of the Resource Allocation System

28/03/2013 - Personal Budgets Audit: Review of Resource Allocation System

The Cabinet considered the report of the Director of Adult Social Services which indicated that a robust Resource Allocation System (RAS) was critical to ensuring that Personal Budgets and self directed support was delivered within the current funding envelope and that funds were allocated in a fair and transparent way, which enabled people to meet their eligible needs. A report was presented to Cabinet on 4 November 2010 seeking a Cabinet decision on the Resource Allocation System (RAS) to support the roll-out of Personal Budgets which was agreed by Cabinet at its meeting of 14 October 2010.


Councillor C.Jones, Cabinet Member Adult Social Care and Public Health introduced the report which indicated that in relation to the progress of the review undertaken in relation to the RAS as identified in the Personal Budgets Audit. It recommended that alternative models were explored.




That the Director of Adult Social Services be requested to explore alternative models of RAS and report back on a recommended model for agreement in August 2013 ready for implementation from September 2013.