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Budget Option - Residential and Short Breaks

01/07/2013 - Budget Option - Residential and Short Breaks

Councillor Chris Jones introduced a report by the Director of Adult Social Services that set out recommendations in relation to the Adult Social Care budget options for Residential and Social Break Services.


The report provided further detail and context around the proposal submitted to Cabinet on 18 Feb 2013 seeking approval to close one respite centre for Mental Health (Fernleigh) and one Learning Disabilities care home (Sylvandale) and to develop Girtrell Court as the main centre for all short breaks provision (Minute No. 200 refers).


The Director’s report set out recommendations to achieve the budget savings outlined in the initial report to close the two buildings (1) Fernleigh and (2) Sylvandale.


In relation to Fernleigh it was reported that this provision would be appropriately commissioned from the NHS for crisis support and from the independent sector for respite provision.  Respite care previously offered at Sylvandale would be relocated to Girtrell Court.




(1)  the Cabinet agrees to complete the planned closure of Sylvandale and to complete the transfer of all patients to alternative provision;


(2)  the Cabinet agrees to the closure of Fernleigh:  De-commissioning Fernleigh in its current form and commissioning two distinct services.

(a)  Crisis beds to be commissioned by Wirral NHS as outlined above; and

(b)  The Department for Adult Social Services will commission beds from the independent sector in relation to respite provision.

(3)  the Department for Adult Social Services will aim to ensure, whenever and wherever possible, to support people in their own homes, through the Community Mental Health Teams, including the Home Treatment Team; and

(4)  people will be offered structured access to personal budgets with support to arrange their own respite care.