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Proposed Changes to Top Up Funding for Children with SEN

21/01/2014 - Proposals for Changes to School Top Up Payments for Students with High Needs

The Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services introduced a report by the Director of Children’s Services which, following changes that were introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) nationally to the funding for pupils with High Needs (SEN) in April 2013, recommended revised funding arrangements for SEN Top-Ups in maintained Primary, Secondary, Special and Academy Schools. In addition revised place numbers were recommended in some specialist school and base provision. 


Proposals had been developed through a working group of the Schools Forum and were advised by a series of meetings with special schools, SEN resourced provision, alternative provision and colleagues from other authorities of the Merseyside Learn Together Partnership.  There had been an extended consultation with schools and providers (3 July to 18 October). The report had been discussed with and was approved by the Schools Forum at its meeting on 13 November. The proposals also required Cabinet approval. 




That the recommendations of the Schools Forum in Appendix 1 to the report be approved with the following amendments and additions:


·  Notional SEN costs (LCHI) are funded from Schools Contingency (new addition).

·  The costs arising from a High Needs MFG is funded from an SEN underspend in 2013-14 (addition to final recommendation).

·  The Special Schools Contingency is used to support specialist provision facing financial difficulties (amendment to the second sentence of recommendation 3).