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Charging for Services

13/12/2013 - Charging for Services

The Cabinet considered the report of th Director of Adult Social Services, which sort to recommend further public consultation with regard to recommended revisions to the fairer charging and fairer contributions policy. 


Councillor Chris Jones introduced the report which sort to undertake a specific eight week consultation process with the people potentially affected by the proposed fairer charging changes prior to implementing charging proposals from 1 April 2014.  This included both changes that had been subject to 2014-15 budget proposals and those set out in the report as new proposals.  The report also proposed streamlining collection and recovery processes in the PFU.




(1)  a detailed further eight week consultation process be held with all those directly affected by the proposed charging changes (any other person or body/stakeholder considered appropriate).  To include those that was already subject to the What Really Matters consultation, and as such were also subject to Budget Council approval on 16 December.


(2)  the revised FCP as set out in Appendix A be taken through an eight week consultation process, following which;


a.  a fairer contributions charging basis be put into effect.

b.  the day services currently treated as non-chargeable become chargeable.

c.  the extra care services currently treated as non-chargeable become chargeable.

d.  the revised respite charges come into operation following immediate consultation and implementation.

e.  the revised short-term charges come into operation.


(3)  The following actions which are not subject to consultation be brought into effect as soon as possible;


a.  two additional posts be established in Legal Services for DASS recovery action.

b.  the Director of Adult Social Services and the Head of Legal and Member Services be authorised to appoint external legal capacity for DASS debt recovery.

c.  the Director of Adult Social Services be given delegated authority with immediate effect to compromise debts in appropriate cases.

d.  a permanent recovery team be established in Business Processes as set out in the report.