Issue - decisions

Dock Bridges Replacement Major Scheme

13/10/2015 - Dock Bridges Replacement Major Scheme

Resolved – That,


(1)  the content of the report be noted.


(2)  the DfT Local Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund grant of £6,408,000 be formally accepted;


(3)  the Wirral Docks Bridges Replacement major scheme be formally withdrawn from the LCR Growth Deal programme;


(4)  the preferred scheme option to replace both ‘A’ and ‘C’ bridges as set out in the OAR and section 3.0 of the report, be endorsed;


(5)  it be noted that the Council Capital Programme funding agreed by Budget Council on 10 February 2015 for the Docks Bridges Replacement and that up to £280,000 of Council capital will be utilised in developing the scheme in 2015/16;


(6)  it be noted that Peel Ports has agreed in principle to the replacement of the ‘A’ Bridge and that the terms of any future maintenance and operating agreement between Peel Ports and the Council have not yet been agreed;


(7)  it be noted that the question of state-aid has been evaluated, and that the delivery of the project is dependent on the outcomes of the advice sought from government departments.