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Wirral Plan: Delivery Plan Phase One

13/10/2015 - Wirral Plan: Delivery Plan Phase One and Medium Term Financial Strategy

Councillor Phil Davies introduced a report by the Chief Executive that set out phase one of the Delivery Plan for consideration following the unanimous approval of the five-year Council Plan at the meeting of the Council held on 13 July 2015.  Appended to the report was the Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision Delivery Plan (Phase One).  Councillor Davies informed that this Plan was a key document for the Council and all agencies in terms of setting out a clear vision for the next five years. He was confident that the Council would achieve many of the 20 pledges well before the five year period.


The Plan provided a clear ambition for the Borough and defined the outcomes towards which the Council would work for the next five years: the 20 pledges.  This Plan had, since approval by the Council in July, had now been adopted by all strategic partners from the public, private and third sectors to create the first Wirral Plan.  This meant that for the first time partners had formally agreed to work towards a shared set of outcomes, goals and objectives, to work towards integrating services and budgets and making best use of the totality of public sector resource in the Wirral, for the benefit of Wirral people. 


As part of that agreement and progress since July, partners had committed to playing a lead role in achieving eight out of the 20 pledges.  This Delivery Plan (Phase One) provided an outline of the approach that would be taken to ensure that the ambitions and priorities set out in the Plan were achieved and that they secured positive outcomes for local residents. Councillor Davies informed that Central Government would continue to cut the Council’s funding but it still needed to do its best to improve the people of Wirral’s quality of life.


Since July, significant progress had been made against all areas of the Wirral Plan.  This work had been completed at the same time as continuing the business of the Council which would benefit Wirral residents in relation to jobs, the local environment and their health. 


The Council was embedding an integrated approach to planning, policy and financial strategy; ensuring that resources were invested and allocated in accordance with the priorities committed to in the Wirral Plan.  Therefore, the Cabinet was also provided with the strategic framework for the delivery of a balanced budget for 2016/17 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2016/17 - 2020/21.  Cabinet Members were informed that this framework would align the budget with the priorities in the Wirral Plan and it would inform the development of a detailed Delivery Plan in February 2016.


Councillor Davies told the Cabinet that he was very pleased with the positive comments the Council had received on the Plan.  Council staff had informed him that they now had a clear idea of what was to be achieved during the next five years.  The budget needed to be aligned with the work that had to be carried out and the devolution agenda.  The Delivery Plan (Phase Two) would follow in the New Year.


Councillor Phil Davies invited each Member of the Cabinet to provide comments on the Delivery Plan (Phase One) which they did in a very positive manner making specific reference to each of their portfolios.  They reported that the Council was now taking an innovative approach and was working in a new way for the good of the whole Borough, providing excellent opportunities over the next five years.


Councillor Phil Davies informed that the Council had an excellent team of Officers in the Regeneration and Environment Department and that Wirral had the fastest growing small business sector in the country.  He paid tribute to the Officers concerned and particularly to the Strategic Director, Kevin Adderley who had put some fantastic work into the deals struck, thinking outside of the box and going the extra mile.  There had been some very good work carried out in Mr Adderley’s Department over the last ten years.  It was noted that Mr Adderley would be leaving his post with the Council soon as he had agreed to take Voluntary Severance/Early Voluntary Retirement.




(1)  the contents of the report, and the associated Delivery Plan (Phase One) provided at Appendix One be endorsed; and


(2)  the overarching timeline provided that sets out the process for agreeing the detailed five - year Delivery Plan (Phase Two), the budget process for 2016/17 and the five-year Medium Term Financial Strategy be endorsed.