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Assisted Travel (Specialist Transport) Services from September 2018 - Full Business Case

20/04/2018 - Assisted Travel (Specialist Transport) Services Re-Commissioning from September 2018 - Full Business Case and Award of Contract Routes

Resolved –


(1)  That the business case benefits and rationale for re-commissioning these services from September 2018 via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) approach as outlined in section 4.0 of the report, be noted.


(2)  That the list of ‘eligible suppliers’ that have successfully passed through the Supplier Qualification process as set out in Appendix 1, be noted.


(3)  That authority be delegated to officers to award contracts for 209 routes to the ‘eligible suppliers’ listed in Appendix 1 via two Bid Invitations up to a maximum financial value of £4.2M p.a. as outlined in the report and in accordance with CPR 9.7.


(4)  That officers be instructed to prepare a further report when the outcomes of the two Bid Invitations are known, setting out further details of awards via the Dynamic Purchasing System during the contract period.