Issue - decisions

Birkenhead Market Full Business Case

24/03/2020 - Birkenhead Market

Resolved – That,


(1)  the Full Business Case be approved and the preferred option be adopted as outlined in the report, i.e. to demolish, redesign and redevelop the current market site;


(2)  the Director of Regeneration and Place be authorised to progress the preferred option for the redevelopment of Birkenhead Market, as outlined in the Full Business case, and in line with the outcomes of consultation on regeneration plans and provide a report back to Members on the proposed design, funding and financial modelling;


(3)  the Director of Governance and Assurance be authorised to initiate the termination of current market stall tenancies and other occupational arrangements at the appropriate time;


(4)  the Director of Governance and Assurance be authorised to issue new tenancies or other occupational agreements with market traders at the appropriate time;


(5)  the adoption of initiating a trader selection criterion as outlined in the detailed full business case, be approved; and


(6)  the scale of the new market offer to accommodate an approx. 35,000sq.ft scheme, be approved.