Issue - decisions

Appointment of a Preferred Developer for the New Ferry Redevlopment Scheme

26/01/2022 - Appointment of a Preferred Developer for the New Ferry Redevelopment Scheme

Resolved: that


(1) the tenderer set out within the exempt Appendix 3 to this report be appointed as preferred developer, being the highest scoring tenderer following conclusion of the competitive dialogue process (as outlined in the exempt Appendix 3 ) within the approved budget and in accordance with the Most Economically Advantageous Tender criteria;


(2) The Director of Law and Governance, in consultation with the Director of Regeneration and Place be delegated authority to enter into all associated legal agreements with the preferred developer so as to finalise and complete the development agreement and all other associated legal documentation for sites A, B and C, (as shown in Appendix 1 to this report) with the option to include any other appropriate land/development opportunities that are within the defined wider area, as shown in the attached plan (Appendix 2 to this report); and


(3) The Director of Law and Governance be authorised to draft and agree an appropriate Grant Funding Agreement with the preferred developer, for pass through of the Future High Street Funds grant allocation for New Ferry and a Grant Funding Agreement for additional capital up to £2,590,265.53 on appropriate terms and conditions for the grant.