Issue - decisions

GRASS Roots football - grant acceptance, virement of council match funding and pavilion contract award approval

26/07/2022 - Grassroots Football - Grant Acceptance, Virement of Council Match Funding and Pavilion Contract Award Approval

Resolved – That the Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee authorises the Director of Neighbourhood Services to:


(1) Review the grant offer letters and associated conditions attached in Appendix 1 and 2 for Wirral Tennis and Sports Centre and Woodchurch Leisure Centre and accept both grant offers from the Football Foundation.


(2) Vire match funding of £114,000 from an existing approved Capital Programme Budget - ‘Health & Safety - Condition Surveys’, and vire an underspend of £68,000 from ‘Wirral Tennis Centre 3G’ project to a newly established, ‘Woodchurch Leisure Centre supersize 3G pitch and pavilion’ budget.


(3) Award the tendered pavilion contract to Lyjon Construction Ltd, in the sum of £859,867.13 with regards to the development of the facility based within the grounds of Woodchurch Leisure Centre (part of the overall project and the procurement element for which was managed by the Council).


In addition it was resolved (with the approval of the Chief Executive) that,


(4) The Committee determined that the decisions referred to above be not subject to removal of delegation and reconsideration under Part 4 Section 4 of the Constitution because the delay likely to be caused would lead to the withdrawal of the grant offers from the Football Foundation which would seriously prejudice the interests of the Council and of the public.