Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Town Halls ref: 570517/07/202425/07/20240
Capital Outturn Report 2023-24 ref: 570717/07/202425/07/20240
Autism Strategy ref: 571218/07/202425/07/20240
Better Care Fund S75 2024-25 ref: 570018/07/202425/07/20240
Supported Employment Strategy ref: 570918/07/202425/07/20240
Council's Enforcement Policy ref: 570217/07/202425/07/20240
Learning Disability and Autism Respite Service Commission ref: 571318/07/202425/07/20240
Changing The Council Tax Reduction Scheme For Working Age Applicants With Effect From 1st April 2025 ref: 570317/07/202425/07/20240
Capital Monitoring Quarter 1 2024/25 ref: 570817/07/202425/07/20240
All Age Disability and Mental Health Service Delivery Review ref: 571118/07/202425/07/20240
2023-24 Budget Monitoring For Quarter Four (The Period To 31 Mar), 2023-24 Outturn ref: 570617/07/202425/07/20240
Brackenwood Golf Course ref: 570117/07/202425/07/20240
The Hythe: Put/Call Option ref: 569716/07/202420/07/2024Call-in expired
Maritime Knowledge Hub ref: 569616/07/202420/07/2024Call-in expired
Reallocation of Transport Shed Town Deal Grant Funding ref: 569516/07/202420/07/2024Call-in expired
Approval of Masterplans and Neighbourhood Framework – Cleveland Street Neighbourhood, Northside, Dock Branch Neighbourhood & New Brighton Marine Promenade ref: 569416/07/202420/07/2024Call-in expired
Refuse Collection & Street Cleansing Contract Review - Outline Business Case ref: 569315/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
Birkenhead to Liscard Active Travel Scheme ref: 569215/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
Tree Maintenance Contract Tender ref: 569115/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
Contract Award: Structural Engineer Design Services (2) ref: 569011/07/202411/07/2024Not for call-in
Contract Award: Structural Engineer Design Services (1) ref: 568911/07/202411/07/2024Not for call-in
AWARD OF CONTRACT FOR MAINSTAY ACCESS GATEWAY ref: 568614/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Homeless Support Services - 16 and 17 year old provision ref: 568709/07/202413/07/2024Call-in expired