General exception notice

General Exception Notice - Ringfenced Public Health Grant Reserve  (01/03/2024 to 30/06/2024, Policy and Resources Committee)

Plan description

Report to Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee recommending that, subject to a decision from Policy and Resources Committee on 13th February 2024, around the release of the PH Grant reserve, the Committee support delegated authority to the Director of Public Health to utilise the ringfenced Public Health Grant Reserve in line with the initial spending proposals shared with Committee, up to a maximum value of £4.5m over three years, between April 2024 – March 2027.


Plan items
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Ringfenced Public Health Grant Reserve New!

Decision maker:  Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee

Decision due:   Between 1 Apr 2024 and 31 Jul 2024

Lead officer:  Jennifer Smedley, Christine Morley

Notice of proposed decision first published: 16/02/2024

This decision will be taken under urgency procedures.

Reason for urgency:
There is a risk to the Council in regard to not spending the PH Grant reserve, which have accumulated over the course of the last few years, e.g. risk that grant funding could be reduced in the future, risk that funding could be reclaimed if not used.

There are unmet needs which have been identified as part of the comprehensive Public Health Grant Review during 2023, led by the Director of Public Health, and the use of the Public Health Grant Reserve will implement appropriate measures to support meeting those needs.