Agenda and minutes

Venue: Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 8ED

Contact: Michelle Gray  Community Engagement Officer 0151 691 8213

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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair, Councillor Adrian Jones, welcomed forum members and 20 members of the public. 



Actions from February Forum


Michelle Gray explained that any issues raised were detailed in the minutes with the relevant actions.


Cllr Adrian Jones/Darren Dodd said that the Chernobyl shop is doing well, and explained 18 children have been over from Belarus whereby the trip was funded by the charity shop and they had a day trip in New Brighton.


Mark Cambourne the memorial plaque has gone missing.  We have an Officer in the Council who deals with memorials.  However it rests with the Church but if they are struggling with funds then there is an opportunity to bid into the area forum funds. We would need details with regards to people who were killed so the plaque is accurate.


Cllr Adrian Jones, Father Leon should take this back with him and ask the Church to apply for funding.



Update on 20mph zones


Mark Cambournegave an update on the proposed 20mph speed limits in Residential Areas. Wirral Council is introducing 20mph speed limits on non-major residential routes across Wirral to help make our streets safer for everyone.  This scheme will be implemented in two phases and completed during 2014.  On 1st March 2012.  £550k was allocated for this project and it is anticipated that a further £275k will be required in each of the years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to complete this initiative.  Any comments on the proposed phasing of the project affecting your area can be made by filling in the postcard or alternatively should you have any further comments please contact Streetscene on 0151 606 2004 or email Comment Cards were available for residents to take away and comment on this scheme, will be advertised in local press and letters will be going to all households and information will be available at all local libraries.



Neighbourhood Plans

  • Your Economy
  • Your Family
  • What Next/Future Funding


Michelle Gray Michelle Gray gave a presentation on the Your Economy and Your Family aspects of the neighbourhood plan consultation and what people said were a priority under these headings.


  • Your Family Priorities: Services for Children and Young People, Health and Social Care and other Community Services.
  • Your Economy Priorities: Finding Employment, Training and Skills and Regeneration.


A discussion was held on how the consultation was undertaken and which groups of people contributed to the results in the focus sessions.



This year, Wirral Council has made more funding than ever available for communities to decide what extra services, projects and activities they would like to see in their local community.


To make sure this funding is used to pay only for what communities really want, we have developed a list of priorities for each Forum area based on the Neighbourhood Plan consultation 2011.


When you are completing your application, you need to ensure that the project you are proposing fits under at least one of those priorities for Liscard, Seacombe & Egremont areas.


Applications should demonstrate that they link into:


  • Improve Community Safety, Improve Community Life, Improve Training & Skills, Regeneration


Neighbourhood Funding is available for Community, Voluntary and Faith sector groups, as well as businesses, social enterprises and public sector bodies to apply.  Applications are invited from 2nd July and the closing date is 12noon on 17th August 2012. Application forms will be available on our website or by emailing us on or calling us on 0151 691 8210.


In addition to this there is a budget set for Road Safety/Road Maintenance of just over £34,000.  Elected members and Technical Services will be meeting in July to allocate this funding.




Partner Updates/Public Question Time


Merseyside Police/Community Safety Insp Justin Diggins/Jim Thompson gave there updates and police newsletters were available at the meeting. 


Inspector Justin Diggins gave an update on the Cannabis cultivation is a ‘growing’ trend, and more and more of this type of organised crime is being seen across Wirral.  Individual/gangs rent private properties, knock holes in walls and ceilings, extend the electricity cables, by-passing fuse boxes, and install high-powered electric lamps to provide the correct growing conditions for cannabis plants.  The signs to look out for are curtains drawn all day, heavy condensation, or the property is boarded up from the inside, there is soil dumped in the garden, and there is a ‘funny’ smell.  The pungent smell is the reason that cannabis is called ‘skunk’.  Another name is ‘weed’ because plants grow like weeds and reach mature plants from cuttings in 10/12 weeks. The Officer urged anyone who notices anything suspicious in their neighbourhood to contact their local Police or Crimestoppers.


Residents raised there concerns around the anti social behaviour, speeding cars, and unacceptable tenants living in the Florence Road area


Jim Thompson advised that alleygates were not wanted and that is why they were not fitted.  If people did not reply to the letter we assumed they wanted them.  You need to speak to elected members.  With regards to cameras they cost about £20,000 each.  Can get 3G cameras installed in the area.  Jim to speak to lan Lowrie who is responsible for CCTV. 


Anti Social Behaviour Team Louise Alexander said that the Anti-Social Behaviour Team work closely with the Police and lots of other partnership agencies and that we are only as good as the information provided to us.  I urged people to call our 606 2020 number and log anti-social behaviour and explained that we do have an officer who is responsible for the Liscard/Seacombe area within the team, so any issues reported would be looked into and passed to her for further investigation.  We undertake regular patrols within the area and also do drop in surgeries for residents to come and speak to us.  (Cllr John Salter has been out with us on our Respect Bus conducting resident surgeries).  As Private Sector Enforcement Assistant I offer training and advice to private landlords having problems with tenants and work closely with the Landlord Accreditation Team in delivering training and advice to private landlords.  Call Centre 0151 606 2020


Merseyside Fire and Rescue Natalie Hayes explained Birkenhead Fire Station is to be demolished next month via PFI private finance initiative.  We are committed to maintaining high standards, despite the current financial restraints being faced. Focusing on a more targeted approach towards the more vulnerable and at risk members of our communities, we will visit a minimum of 13,000 properties in Wirral which have never been visited.

We have seen 7.7% reduction in anti-social behavior secondary fires on Wirral.  Our Planning for this year’s bonfire period is underway with our first meeting with partners being held on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Date of next Neighbourhood Forum

  • Wednesday 10th October 6.30pm – 8.30pm to be hosted at Wallasey Town Hall, Committee Room One, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 8ED



Wednesday 10th October 2012, 6:30pm at Wallasey Town Hall