Agenda and minutes

Venue: Melrose Hall, Melrose Avenue, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3BU

Contact: Tracey Smith  Consultation Manager 0151 691 8026

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Welcome Introductions and Apologies


The Chair, Councillor Jeff Green welcomed the Forum members and67 members of the public to the West Wirral Area Forum held at Melrose Hall, Melrose Avenue, Hoylake.


Councillor Jeff Green thanked Jackie Hall for the use of Melrose Hall, which is run voluntary and with contributions




Tracey Smith requested that a representative from the Youth Service to attend this evening, but no-one was available.  A representative will attend the next Area Forum.


Parks & Gardens – Allotment Waiting List – There are 750 people on the waiting list.




Neighbourhood Plan Update on Your Family and Your Economy


Tracey Smith gave an update and feedback on the Neighbourhood Plans.


The areas in the consultation process included:

Your Economy

Your Health

Your Family



Tracey’s update focused on ‘Your Family’ and ‘Your Economy’.  An information handout was available for people to read.


Some of the points raised were:


Services for Children and Young People


  • More activities for teenagers especially in the evening, at weekends and during the summer holidays.
  • More Youth Clubs, and free activities and taster sessions for young children, or a subsidised scheme for those unable to pay for activities.
  • A skate park in Greenbank Road and more play equipment in local parks.
  • More should be done to clean up beaches and parks of litter and dog fouling.


What is the Council doing to help?


  • Wirral Council manages Youth Hubs and Clubs throughout the borough, as well as supporting privately owned youth clubs and activities.  The Council will make sure these activities and centres are promoted much more widely and effectively.  This is to ensure that young people in the area are aware of what is available in the area.
  • Extra funding will be put in this year for the Sure Start Centres.  The Council has a target to make sure at least 80% of children aged 5 and under are registered with their local centre.
  • There is extra funding to continue the work of our anti-social behaviour team.  Targets have also been set to make sure many of the children and young people take part in organised positive activities outside of school. 
  • There is also extra money in the budget for the maintenance and clean up of play areas throughout the borough.
  • The dog fouling enforcement team has also been doubled this year.


Services for Older People


  • More social activities for people over 50, which could be held in the local community centres.
  • More support for vulnerable people in the community and help for older people to stay in their own homes.
  • An improvement on the work of Adult Social Services so that it is co-ordinated effectively, this will make things simpler when people need to contact them.
  • Better communication and flow of information on where services are available, and where to go for information, clearer and simpler advice on support for older people.
  • Help for carers and encourage mentors or volunteers for older people who need them.


What is the Council doing to help?


  • There are hundreds of excellent services around the Borough for residents, particularly those who are more vulnerable, but more advertising of these services is required.
  • The Council is working with colleagues in the public sector and have launched a new website . This gives information on the many services available within Wirral and outside Wirral.
  • The Council is also redeveloping all of the promotional information on social care services provided.  This will be launched in July of this year.
  • The assistive technology service provides fantastic support to people who stay independent of their own homes.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Public Question Time


Q.  Did Wirral Council’s planning department have any part in Aldi’s car park plans regarding time limits?

A.  The application from Aldi was for the whole of the site.  There were no conditions regarding parking.  Aldi are operating free car parking for customers for up to 90 minutes.  People have been abusing this and parking their cars all day and not even shopping at Aldi.  Wirral Council have no authorisation over the parking regulations at Aldi.

  It was proposed for the church to contact management of Aldi to arrange a deal with parking for the church goers.


Q.  With the departure of Mary Bagley from Parks and Gardens will it now be poorly maintained?

A.  The post will be advertised and a new officer will be put in place and hopefully get someone equally as good.


Q.  There is the opportunity for Meols to get more allotments and the local allotment association has raised funds to get these allotments.  However, now the association has been informed by planning that the football pitches have to be made to a better condition, which could cost up to £6k.  Why should we have to pay out more when we have already raised money?

A.  Kevin Adderley explained that Sports England have made this condition to improve the football pitches.  There is funding available for allotments.  He will look into this and report back.


Q.  Could the Council speak to Sport England and negotiate the price down?

A.  Sport England have not quoted £6k, they have requested that the football pitches be improved.  They will not change their mind.  If the football pitches are not improved then the allotments won’t go ahead.


Q.  There have been discussions to demolish the toilets on the promenade at Hoylake.  The planning permission was to turn it into a café, however these plans have not gone ahead and the toilets are still an eyesore.  Would it be possible to demolish these toilets and just have the empty space?

A.  Kevin Adderley will find out about the plans and report back.


Q.  Are the discounts for Council Tax for over 70’s advertised?

A.  There are discounts available for people aged 70 and over; there is also the option to pay over 12 months instead of 10 to reduce monthly outgoings.  Thanks to the Older People’s Parliament this is advertised.  The information is also available in the Council Tax packs each year.


Q.  An enquiry was made as to why certain Councillors and local officers visited China recently.  He expressed his concerns.

A.  Councillor Jeff Green explained that his visit to China was for opportunities for future investments for Wirral.  The International Trade Centre could bring up to 3000 jobs to this area and bring future investment too.  It was a successful visit.


Q.  With the Open coming to Hoylake again in 2014, has the planning stage started?

A.  Kevin Adderley explained that in the previous Open, planning started early as it had been 39 years  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Road Safety Update - 20 Mile Per Hour Zones


There is a new initiative of introducing 20mph zones in residential areas around Wirral. A map is available to view this evening and there are also cards with the plans on.  The cards ask for any comments regarding this.


There is £1.1m funding which was agreed at Cabinet in April 2012.  This will be spent over a 2 year process. The area will be split into 132 zones.  The traffic department are assessing where the 20mph will be.  Signs will be placed at the end of the residential roads. The first stage will be implemented this autumn and the 2nd stage next year.


Q.  Is the 20mph legally enforceable?

A.  Yes – there is a traffic regulation order which will be consulted on before the 1st phase of the process.  


Q.  Is there a ‘Plan B’ for strengthening this 20mph limit?

A.  There are going to be over 10k signs put up around the area.  The traffic section will be working together to ensure this limit is kept.


Q.  What about the visual impact, there are too many signs and they will be ignored?

A.  Views are appreciated.


Q.  Councillor Geoffrey Watt expressed his concerns over too many signs and also some of the boundaries run along semi major roads.

A.  Any bus routes won’t be included and there is a consultation process to take place before the roads are assigned.  If any objections are raised, then these roads will go into phase 2 of the process.  Funding has been agreed by Cabinet and it now needs to be put into place.  It has been proved that by reducing speed limits stopping distances are reduced, so giving the best possible way for survival in the event of an accident.


Q.  Is the road plan on display in the Community Shop in Hoylake?

A.  It will be on display after this evening.




Traffic & Travel arrangements for hosting the Ricoh Women's British Open 13+16 September 2012


Mark Cambourne, Technical Services explained that the Ricoh Women’s British Open will be taking place in Hoylake from 13 – 16th September 2012 and about the impact it will have on the local area during this event.


  • The event is not as big as the Male British Open as in 2006, so are only expecting minimum impact. 
  • The qualifier event will be held at Caldy Golf Club on 9th & 10th September.  This is a smaller event and the spectators are usually just family and friends, so again not expecting too much impact to the roads.
  • AA signs will be erected around the area directing people to the event.
  • The trains will finish at Hoylake (as per 2006).
  • There will be the Pedestrian Bridge erected on Meols Drive.
  • Contingency plans are in place if the crowd size increases.
  • Residents will be consulted in July and August.
  • It will be encouraged that spectators use public transport and also to walk.
  • Disability access is arranged
  • There will be no disruption to council services.  Bin collection times may change.
  • For information contact Street Scene on 606 2004.
  • Any questions regarding this event can be asked at the end of the meeting.

Ben Freeman from IMG also spoke about the up and coming British Open in 2014 and how by working together with the communities it will be a successful event.


These events that are taking place in Hoylake over the next few years and continuing are fantastic for the community.  The area is viewed on TV all over the world and is such a boost to the area.  Congratulations were given to the events and event organisers.



Partner Updates


Merseyside Police


Inspector Mick Blease reported on the following:


  • The next ‘Have your Say’ meeting will be held on 27th June 2012, at 6pm in Melrose Hall, Hoylake. 
  • There has been a 40% reduction in crime from last year.
  • Fraud and Forgery has increased.  Amongst these crimes include Petrol Station drive offs and there are also forged £20 notes around this area.  The notes from Cash points will be fine, please ensure that you check your notes when in shops.
  • Violent crimes have reduced
  • Motor vehicle thefts have also reduced.  23 in this period last year, and only 7 this year.
  • There will be no reduction in Neighbourhood Policing during the Olympics.  No courses will be running, so nothing will take away police officers from the area.


Fire Service


Sarah Patterson reported on the following:


  • There has been a reduction of 77.7% in ASB fires.  Only 5 in this area this year.
  • The Fire Service is committed to maintain standards.
  • There is a targeted approach for the vulnerable.
  • To date there has been 1300 fire safety checks
  • Fire Crews engage with the local communities and regularly attend local events.
  • The Fire Service continues to work with partners, including Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team. 
  • The Fire Service also is engaging with the local schools.
  • Plans have begun in the lead up to Bon Fire Night in November.
  • The Community Dig event to remove the Spartina Grass from the beach was a good event and everyone enjoyed it.

The Chair, Councillor Jeff Green praised the Fire Service and expressed his appreciation for the hard work that they do.


Western Link


The representative from Western Link introduced himself and briefly explained about the renewable electricity cable which is to be routed through Wirral from Scotland to Wales.  There has been a consultation process with residents over the last year discussing the route.  A newsletter is available for people to see the route of the cable and plans for the area.  These newsletters will be posted out to residents affected by the cable route.

Anyone with any questions can speak to him at the end of the meeting

Councillor Eddie Boult asked that if there is to be any disruption to roads, then could this disruption not affect the Open Golf Tournament.




Date of Next Meeting

  • Tuesday 16th October 2012 at West Kirby Concourse, Function Room, Grange Road, West Kirby starting at 6.30pm





Community Representatives – The Forums are advertising for Community Representatives.  Applications and Job descriptions are available from each forum.  If anyone is interested in applying, complete an application form and return it by 1st August 2012.


Q.  What is the role of the Community Representative?  Will they help in the decisions of funding?

A.  A job description is available to view.  The role is to represent a group and feed issues to the forums and then report back with the findings.  It is a role to interact with the community.




Date:  Tuesday 16th October 2012

Venue:  West Kirby Concourse – Function Room