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The Committee considered a report of the Director of Adult Social Services updating on the work that had been completed with regards to Wirral’s All Age Disability Strategy.


Members were informed that people with disabilities needed to have a stronger voice and Wirral had now written a draft All Age Disability strategy to ensure that the priorities of disabled people in Wirral were being met. The strategy had been developed through consultation and a number of events had been undertaken and feedback received. The All Age Disability Strategy would be the overarching strategy which would have all strategies that would have an impact on disabled people in Wirral would sit under.


The draft Wirral’s All Age Disability Strategy: People with Disabilities Living Independent Lives 2016-2020 were attached as an appendix to the report.


The Director of Adult Social Services reiterated that it was not too late for Members if they wished to feedback their comments on the strategy.


In relation to the All-age Disabilities Partnership Board, the Director of Adult Social Services explained that there had been a review of its membership to ensure that it could effectively deliver the plan, as it was felt that the membership was not broad enough therefore it had been re-constituted.


A Member congratulated the Director and his officers on the excellent work undertaken to complete the strategy and was pleased to note that hate crime was included. She asked if there were any figures on the levels of hate crimes reported and also in relation to any benefit related concerns asked if these had been factored in and would be monitored. In response, the Director of Adult Social Services indicated that Wirral’s 20 pledges would be looking at the whole issue of benefits and welfare and its links to health and wellbeing along with economic wellbeing.


In relation to Hate Crime figures, the Director of Adult Social Services indicated that a specific piece of work was being undertaken around safety in the community for all age disability; officers also worked in conjunction with MARAC and agreed to bring back to Members information on the work being undertaken in relation to Hate Crime.


In response to a Member, the Director of Adult Social Services indicated that the strategy focused not too much on the operational detail but was more a focal point to enabling people to look after their wellbeing; Healthy Wirral was also helping people access care in the right place with the right people.


In relation to integrated commissioning, it was felt there was too much fragmentation with too many providers and no pooling of resources. Resources would now be pooled to have one approach and greater improve outcomes.


The Director of Children’s Services indicated that with introduction of the Children and Families Act in September 2014, SEN statements became Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans which were provided to each child along with a specialist team from the Department giving appropriate support to the child to achieve their aspirations and goals. The Department was also working locally with the CCG to jointly commission health services needed to support that child.


In relation to people with disabilities and access to employment, this needed to be developed further as currently Wirral Evolutions did this work on the Councils behalf.


The Director of Children’s Services further indicated that one of the Council’s 2020 Pledges was to ensure that all young people were ready for adulthood and employment. Officers within the 14-19 teams currently worked with young people on this.




That the draft All Age Disability Strategy be noted.

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