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Nicola Allen, Head of Medical, NHS England attended the meeting and presented the Board with the NHS England Quarterly Accountability Report. The aim of the report was to update the Board regarding the activities and responsibilities of NHS England. The report outlined the national and regional context together with specific updates on priorities that the Local NHS England Teams were responsible for progressing.


With regard to strategy and planning it was reported that the 2017-2019 NHS Operational Planning and Contracting guidance had been issued on 22 September 2016. Operational plans would describe the organisational level approach to delivering the STP for the next two years and would be accompanied by a two year contract. The ‘nine must dos’ carried over from last year were set out in the report.


The report outlined the GP Forward View that had been developed and published in April 2016. This was a 5 year plan to stabilise, develop and transform Primary Medical Care which would benefit from a £2.4bn investment in Primary Medical Care between 2016/17 and 2020/21. Across the GP Forward View there were in excess of 80 commitments to deliver with 56 having significant elements of regional or local delivery. The main themes of the document in meeting the five year forward view challenge were set out in the report.


With regard to Delivery and Assurance the report provided an update on the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework, the revised assurance framework for CCGs from 2016/17 onwards. There was an increased focus on clinical priorities within the Five year forward view


In relation to Operational Resilience five A&E Delivery Boards have been established across Cheshire & Merseyside with executive membership and leadership for each. . Each A&E Delivery Board had submitted plans for Winter that had been reviewed jointly with NHS Improvement. A further assessment would take place but there remained a substantial risk to the A&E 4-hour standard.


The report updated the Board on Health Outcomes Mental Health and noted that further to the Mental Health Taskforce Report published earlier this year NHS England had published The Mental Health Five Year Forward View Dashboard on 27th October 2016. The dashboard would be updated quarterly and can be accessed through the NHS England website.


With regard to CAMHs it was reported that NHS England had identified an additional £25 million which could be made available for CCGs in 2016/17.

It is expected that these funds will support CCGs to accelerate their plans and undertake additional activities this year to drive down average waiting times for treatment, and reduce both backlogs of children and young people on waiting lists and length of stay for those in inpatient care.


The report also provided details of Right Care and reported that NHS England was investing in this programme to enable every health economy in England to embed the NHS RightCare approach at the heart of their transformation programmes.

The programme was committed to improving people’s health and outcomes. It ensured that the right person had the right care, in the right place, at the right time, making the best use of available resources. Further details of the programme were outlined in the report.

There were four CCGs engaged in the Wave one roll-out of RightCare nationally, one of these was NHS Wirral CCG.


Resolved – That;


1.  The report be noted.

2.  Nicola Allen be thanked for the report.

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