Committee details

Strategic Applications Sub Committee

Purpose of committee

A Sub-Committee of between six (6) and nine (9) members of the Planning

Committee, politically balanced, with responsibility for making decisions regarding:


(a)   the implications of major developments outside of the Borough that could have an impact on local residents; and


(b)   the following categories of applications for planning permission:


(i)   large-scale major developments (defined by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) as those of 200 houses or more or 10,000 square metres of non-residential floor space) which, by their nature, (e.g. scale, location etc.) have wider strategic implications and raise issues of more than local importance;


(ii)   planning applications for mineral extraction or waste disposal, other than small scale works which are ancillary to an existing mineral working or waste disposal facility;


(iii)   significant applications by Wirral Borough Council to develop any land owned by the Council, or for development of any land by the Council or by the Council jointly with any other person (Regulation 3 applications)


(iv)   applications which, if approved, would represent a significant departure from the policies of the statutory development plan, where they are recommended for approval;


(v)   any application where the Director responsible for the planning service considers it inappropriate to exercise delegated powers having regard to the public representations received and consultee responses; and


(c)   consideration of documents relating to the Local Development Framework and advise the Economy, Regeneration and Development Committee (or Housing Committee) where appropriate