Issue - decisions

Redevelopment of North Birkenhead Area

28/11/2016 - Financial Update on North Birkenhead Development Agreement

Resolved – That,


(1)  the Global Appraisal Update, which identifies the financial position of the two completed projects in North Birkenhead at St Joseph’s Place and St James Gate, be signed off;


(2)  the use of surplus funds generated from these first two schemes, owed to the Council by Keepmoat, to subsidise a further proposed scheme at Station and Tyrer Street which is currently showing a deficit due to ground conditions and contamination, be approved;


(3)  the inclusion of the Shannon Street site as a ‘further site’ according to the conditions within the current Birkenhead Development Agreement with Keepmoat, which will increase the number of units which can be built in Phase 3 and improve the viability of the scheme, be approved.