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Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference for Health & Wellbeing Board




The Health & Wellbeing Board will not be responsible for directly commissioning services, but will provide oversight, strategic direction and coordination of the following activities:


·  To develop a shared understanding of the needs of the local community through the development of an agreed Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


·  To seek to meet those needs through leading on the on going development of a Health & Wellbeing Strategy


·  To provide a local governance structure for local planning and accountability of health and wellbeing related outcomes


·  To work with HealthWatch in Wirral to ensure appropriate engagement and involvement within existing patient and service user involvement groups takes place


·  To drive a collaborative approach to commissioning of improved health and care services which improve the health and wellbeing of local people


·  To consider and take advantage of opportunities to more closely integrate health and social care services in commissioning and provision


·  To review the financial and organisational implications of joint and integrated working across health and social care services, ensuring that performance and quality standards of health and social care services are met, and represent value for money across the whole system


·  To establish a key forum for local democratic accountability relating to commissioning against agreed health outcomes


·  To develop and update the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

·  To ensure the Better Care Fund plan is monitored regarding its progress and performance and ensure the health and social care partners effectively plan regarding the implications of this work





  • Sue Higginson  (Co-Optee) 
  • Michael Brown  (Co-Optee) 
  • Councillor Yvonne Nolan  (Chair) 
  • Councillor Janette Williamson   
  • Councillor Tom Anderson   
  • Councillor Wendy Clements   
  • Councillor Phil Gilchrist   
  • Paul Satoor   
  • Graham Hodkinson   
  • Simone White   
  • Julie Webster   
  • Dr Paula Cowan   
  • Simon Banks   
  • Martin Earl (Superintendent)   
  • Liz Bishop  (Co-Optee) 
  • Nicola Allen  (Co-Optee) 
  • Sheena Cumiskey  (Co-Optee) 
  • Alan Evans  (Co-Optee) 
  • Mark Greatrex  (Co-Optee) 
  • Janelle Holmes  (Co-Optee) 
  • Karen Howell  (Co-Optee) 
  • Doctor Abhi Mantgani  (Co-Optee) 
  • Karen Prior  (Co-Optee) 
  • Brian Simpson  (Co-Optee) 
  • Mark Thomas  (Co-Optee) 
  • Daniel Sharples  (Committee Officer) 
  • Pat Phillips  (Committee Officer) 
  • Bryn Griffiths  (Committee Officer) 

Contact information

Support officer: Dan Sharples.